Conceived on the streets of South London in 2017 vveave have been receiving nothing but noise complaints.


Over the past year vveave have appeared to refine their garage rock with a subtle pop sensibility present in the new EP, 'Mild Panic Attack’. However, the screams of admiration from teenage girls can be largely drowned out due to the obnoxiously loud guitars, throwback fuzz tones and red hot lingerie melting solo's. The bands sound is reminiscent of the likes of Dinosaur Jr. Superchunk and Teenage Fanclub. Even mentions of contemporaries such as Oasis have been thrown up. Although the band dismisses such comparisons on the grounds of actually composing their own music rather than just simplifying Beatles songs into football chants.


The band are yet to announce dates following the release of the second EP due to member changes. However keep your noses pointed upwards to follow the bong fumes as they roll through a city near you