Mix Tape Vol 1 (July 2018)
Mix Tape Vol 1 (July 2018)

A Spotify MIX-TAPE V1 – A blend of Instereo Records artists and a hand-picked selection of cool bands we think deserve a listen! Featuring: Spun, HIGH/LOW, EarBones, Hypnosister, Cope, The Fishes and I, White Raven Down, Usselman, Dark Globes & … Continued

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Instereo Presents: Vol 1 Sold out
Instereo Presents: Vol 1

Released: FEB 2013 Featuring: The Welcome Committee, Silvertruth, DAS RUSSIANS, High/Low, The Midnight Heavy, Blowtorch Ponies, Self Esteem Engine, Doozer McDooze, Idée Fixe, Dr Meat & Luke Gambling. Please Share, Burn and pass this on to your friends. Maybe your … Continued

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