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The third EP From Luke Gambling. OUT 15th JULY 2016

The Turd You Deserve — A Love Song…

“You are to me what I don’t deserve and I am to you a turd that won’t flush”
Introducing “The Turd You Deserve” – the brilliantly-titled first single from Luke Gambling’s forthcoming EP.

This perverse expression of love from comes straight from the heart of a man that clearly has an issue with expressing love.

The story behind this first official single is beautiful too. After forgetting to flush the toilet before work, the ‘item’
left behind was discovered by his ever-tolerant girlfriend. Luke was in trouble. Now there was nothing left to do after a day’s work but win her over with supermarket flowers, grovelling… and a song about the whole debacle.

Born and raised around the Thames Estuary, Luke has a strong punk ethic. And he’s been remorselessly driving his raw and honest songs to venues and pubs in Essex and London for the last two years.

This is the third EP Luke has released with help from Southend on Sea label Instereo Records.

Right now, we live in a time in a time where most ‘solo artists’ could pass for members of the Young Conservatives.

But Luke’s refreshingly candid approach lifts him way above mediocrity. In fact, he completely shuns the term singer/
songwriter and the nauseating stereotypes associated with it.

Instead he delivers a single that’s touching, catchy and straight-up funny.



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