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Stuck-in-a-Void---1600High/Low talk about their debut album ‘Stuck in a void

Band: High/Low
Release: Debut Album – ‘Stuck in a Void’
Release Date: 30th May 2014


Night drive:
One of the late additions to the album, but instantly had a feel like It could be a nice introduction to the rest of the tracks. Probably one the more laid back songs on the album.

One of the first songs demoed for stuck in a void, we instantly got excited about the drive and the riffs of it.

Mustard man:
This is like a heavier version of ‘Raygun’, with a Weezer groove, and it’s stop-start verses complete with fuzzy solo!

Surf Tank:
Another track that was penned early on, it blends a poppy surf melody with a balls out driving chorus, this also includes some fuzzy solos!

Already Alone:
This track was demoed 4 years to the day that we decided to record or for this album. It was demoed and never fully finished until now, and it felt like it sat with the other songs on the album nicely.

This is the most heaviest track on the album, big riffs, layers of guitars and plenty of FX drive this track. This track was in the b-side pile until we re-recorded it for the album.

What is it?
Probably the most chilled song on the album, it reminds me of Dino Jr or Weezer.

Altered Beast:
This song just reminds me of all a lot of grunge I listened to growing up. It’s dark and atmospheric, but still driving.

This song was originally going to be a b-side but when we finished mixing we turned to each other and said, that’s a keeper.

No light:
Dark and driving, stabby and pumping. This song had a lot of changes to it’s structure, it’s almost in recognisable to it’s demo.

The demo version of this was released on our album fund and after playing live and getting such a food vibe off it, we decided it had to go on the album.

You can listen to ‘Stuck in a Void’ below.

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