Cassette Store Day 2018 – HIGH/LOW & SPUN

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Coming 13th October – Cassette Store Day 2018 (Yes! it is a thing!)

[Buy it here – HIGH/LOW & SPUN – Split EP Cassette Store Day 2018 Release]

About ‘SPLIT EP’:

Two bands, Two tracks each. Recorded exclusively for CASSETTE STORE DAY 2018.
Instereo Records presents this split release from two of Southend-on-Sea’s finest DIY bands:

HIGH/LOW (Fuzzy/Grunge/Lofi) and SPUN (Punk/Sludge/Alt Rock).

50 Limited Edition Hand numbered White Cassettes will be available, with a free download included.
Available from Saturday 13th October.

A full list of Cassette Store Day releases and participating stores can be found at

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  1. Scotty


    Thanks for participating in CSD. Were it not for that delightful event, I wouldn’t have heard about your work, this label, and… a cassette that I most certainly now need. So, you know. Thanks for your hard work (it’s readily apparent- making solid, fun music isn’t always easy), and your delightfully fat hooks. I’ll be ordering this music shortly.

    Corvallis, Oregon, US

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